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Hey guys! My name is Joel, more known as IncredibleOrb or Orb on the Internet. I’m a full-time streamer and Youtuber residing in Stockholm, Sweden, and I’ve been doing this gig for the last 5 years. It’s weird to say you play video games for a living so I like to say I’m an ‘online entertainer with a focus on gaming’. That sounds way too formal and boring so: I’m a huge nerd.

I’ve been a part of the gaming community for a long time but originally started with competitive gaming back in the old Counter-Strike era. Obviously as any kid I played a bunch of console games, the favorites being Goldeneye 64…

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Funny Moments and Fails


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

H1Z1: King of The Kill

Youtube: Watch Highlights, Funny Moments and more!

Youtube: Watch Highlights, Funny Moments and more!

Help Site & F.A.Qs

Orb has a dedicated site to providing the answers to  Frequently Asked Questions within the stream chat. This also includes further information such as VOD Guides, Accessibility Guides and more!

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